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Support Arizona Go Green!

In addition to providing practical and useful information to help Arizona individuals and businesses transition into and maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle, our goal is to also raise funds that will be used to help Arizona communities become more eco-responsible.

To raise money, we have established a partnership with a great company (details below), who will give us 25% of all sales made on their website in support of A Green Arizona.

How will we use the money raised?

We will re-invest the money raised back into Arizona in several ways:

  1. We will support Arizona-based environmental non-profit organizations to fund their local and statewide operations.

  2. We will support existing and, if need be, we will establish more innovative recycling centers.

  3. We will support the development and use of renewable alternative forms of energy in Arizona.

  4. We will put together publications and sponsor events that promote eco-responsibility.

  5. In the future, we would also like to grant funding support for innovative ideas, projects, initiatives, and technologies that would help make Arizona greener.

... and More! We are very excited, ambitious, and committed to support various projects and organizations. At the core of all what we do is our mission to help Arizona become an eco-friendly state.

Will you help A Green Arizona realize its mission? Will you join us in making Arizona greener?

Here is how you can help raise money:

  1. Visit our fundraising partner (link below).

  2. Browse their great line of eco-friendly products (such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, CFL, etc).

  3. At checkout, when you reach the "Review and Submit Order", please select A Green Arizona from the "Fundraiser" drop-down menu.

  4. Enjoy using this great line of eco-friendly products.

  5. When you run out of products, repeat steps 1 through 4 :)

  6. Get Started Now! (please select A Green Arizona at checkout).

note: if you would like to raise money for your organization, website, or school, please visit A Green USA for more information.

Here are Other Ways to Support Us:

  • Shop Our Green Mall (we will get a percentage of sales).

  • Sign Up to receive information, our updates, and more.

  • Please tell your friends, families, and co-workers about this website.

A Green Arizona presents an exciting opportunity with tremendous potential... but it all starts with you. In fact, without you, we will accomplish nothing!

Thank you for all your support.